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A child living in a world of his own

Autism is a neurological disorder where the child is not able to communicate or interact socially. The child lives in a bubble where no one has access. Boys are more affected than girls; we still don't know why.

Autistic children try many things to control and understand a world which is often frightening and incomprehensible to them. Sometimes they only eat food with a specific colour, or they are obsessed by different rituals.

Autistic children are not able to play with other children - they play beside. Not surprisingly, the whole family suffers when there is a child autistic.

What can we do to reach the autistic child in his bubble?



New technology helps autistic children

Touchscreen tablets improve the communication between the autistic child and his environment - at home as well as at school. Therefore, frustration will be less and less frequent.

Ventura Bonsecours plan to provide tablets for autistic children at school and at home, and of course some training regarding the software. As the needs of the children are manifested, the next step would then be to ask the programmers who already work for Ventura to develop the software accordingly.



Awakening children through animals

The relationship between horses and autistic children is often extraordinary. The intention of the Ventura Bonsecours is to provide suitable horses and put them up in a riding school for children. Ventura Bonsecours also plan to organize training for instructors in accordance with the “horseboy-method”.

"Horseboy" is a young autistic boy – Rowan - from Texas in the United States, who actually started to speak when sitting on a horse. His father is now working with his equestrian method to help other autistic children all around the world. He has also written a book about his son’s progresses by using horses. A documentary has been filmed during their trip to Outer Mongolia to help their son. The title of the book as well as the movie is "Horseboy." (